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Forwarders FAQ
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In this article we tackle the most frequently asked questions for forwarders and trucking companies effectively creating a compendium of answers in one place that you can turn to and access at any time.

Where can you use the CONROO Gate Pass?

The CONROO Gate Pass is currently available at EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg and at EUROKOMBI. The seaports Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven, will follow later this year. Other ISPS terminals are not yet covered by the Gate Pass, however we are rapidly rolling out our solution, new locations are being added constantly.

How can you purchase multiple Gate Pass licenses for your drivers?

You can purchase multiple Gate Pass licenses in our online Shop. The license codes will be sent to the email provided during the purchase and can be later be distributed among your individual drivers so that they can activate them in the app. For more information please refer to our Help Center article.

How are Gate Pass licenses managed and are they transferable?

Because of security measures required by law, each Gate Pass license is tied to one device and one identity and can not be transferred, therefore it is strongly advised that each driver use their own personal device instead of company devices, which are passed around often.

What is the price of one Gate Pass license?

Two fees flow into the purchase of one license, which is valid for one driver. These are the one-time registration fee of 25 € and the annual subscription fee of 49.90 €. Additionally VAT is applied to the combined sum of the purchase. This VAT may vary depending on the location from which your purchase is made. For more information please visit our Help Center article.

When can you expect your invoice to arrive?

If the purchase was made with a bank card, the invoices are usually sent to the email address provided at the time of purchase as soon as the transaction is complete. However, if the purchase was made by direct debit (SEPA Direct Debit), the invoice may arrive within 5-10 business days.

Can the driver change their device and what should be done in this case?

Changing a device before completing the identification process can be done without any limitations or additional fees. However, once the identification is completed, the Gate Pass license is tied to that specific device for security reasons and cannot be transferred to another device.

If the device is damaged or replaced, a transfer to a new one may be possible. In such cases, the trucker must be verified again on the new device. The re-identification process on the new device incurs a setup fee of 25 € plus applicable VAT per trucker, as stated on our website. This fee must be paid before the device transfer can be authorised.

To initiate a device transfer, please contact us via

What happens if a driver leaves the company before their Gate Pass license expires?

As stated before, Gate Pass licenses are tied to one device and one identity for security reasons. A transfer of an active license to another person therefore is not possible. However, you may contact us so that we can cancel the automatic renewal of the license for the subsequent billing cycles. For more information about the auto renewal of licenses please refer to our Help Center article.

What should you do when a new driver joins the company?

Once a new driver has joined your company you may either give them a previously purchased Gate Pass license that hasn't yet been activated, or you may purchase a new Gate Pass license in our online Shop. The driver may also purchase one themselves, however we recommend a company purchase in bulk and redistribute the licenses amongst their drivers. For more information on this process please visit our Help Center article. After a license has been purchased, the driver will need to install the app on their personal device (links for the Android and the iOS downloads). After the installation is complete, the driver will need to enter the license code and follow through the identification process using their legal documents. For more information on what documents are accepted during the identification process, please refer to our Help Center article.

Is it possible to manage all purchased Gate Pass licenses?

Our team is currently working hard to create a Web-App which will allow you to have a centralised overview of every Gate Pass license you have purchased. The exact release date for this application is not yet confirmed. If you have any functions you would like for us to include within the Web-App, feel free to contact us and let us know, we are always happy to hear any feedback or ideas.

Where can you get help for any issues or questions not covered in this article?

If you have additional questions not covered by this article, feel free to reach out to us at any time via We're here to help!

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