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License purchase for truckers by forwarders
License purchase for truckers by forwarders

Detailed guide to purchasing multiple licenses at once

Updated over a week ago

This step-by-step guide is meant for forwarders looking to equip their truckers with the CONROO Gate Pass. You can follow the steps below to seamlessly purchase and distribute Gate Pass licenses.

  1. Purchase licenses as a forwarder: Forwarders have the convenience of purchasing multiple licenses in bulk by simply selecting more licenses in the CONROO Gate Pass Shop.

  2. Receive licenses via email: Upon completing the payment process, forwarders will receive all purchased licenses directly to the email address specified during the transaction.

  3. Distribute licenses to truckers: Forwarders hold the responsibility of distributing these licenses to their truckers individually. Each license corresponds to a unique trucker.

  4. Ask truckers download the app and create a personal account: The Gate Pass license is tied to the individual device on which it was activated, therefor it is recommended that truckers download the CONROO Gate Pass app onto their personal mobile devices. With the app installed, they proceed to create their personal accounts within the platform.

  5. Ask truckers to redeem the license code: Once the truckers have set up their accounts, they can proceed to redeem the license code shared with them by the forwarder. This code serves as their gateway to accessing the full functionalities of the CONROO Gate Pass system. Upon redemption, truckers will have to go through an identification process before gaining access to features such as route planning assistance and on-site orientation. For this it is required to have an ID or Passport at hand. You can read more about the identification process in our dedicated article.

At the moment we do not support a company overview feature, which would allow companies to see and manage all licenses at a glance, but this feature will be available in the near future.

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