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Gate Pass license pricing and VAT
Gate Pass license pricing and VAT
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You have now become curious about the Gate Pass and all of it's benefits and wonder, how you could get one yourself? Don't worry; this article will tell you all of your costs and ways of which you can purchase the Gate Pass.

Gate Pass pricing

The purchase of a CONROO Gate Pass consists of two payments:

  • The registration fee, which is 25 € (not including VAT), will be billed once during the initial set-up of a Gate Pass license. This fee is required before any verification process done in the app.

  • The upkeep fee, which is 49.90 € (not including VAT), will be billed annually to the customer, whose details were used during the initial purchase. This fee represents the upkeep of the Gate Pass services and ensures the customer has the best quality experience possible.

Gate Pass purchase options and details

Each of the aforementioned prices constitutes one license. This means that the pricing is done per device and, by extension, per driver.

It should however be noted that the VAT percentage may vary depending on the country from which the payee's bank details stem but also on the status of the payee, that being either a driver or a forwarder. With this information, it can be expected that the final price might be higher than the combined sum of the payments that constitute a Gate Pass license.

You can find the purchase of one or more Gate Pass licenses in our shop.

The purchase of multiple licenses as a forwarder is done through our shop as well. The license codes will then be sent to the email specified during the purchase, from which they can be distributed to the individual drivers so that they may activate them within our app.

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