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What is the CONROO Gate Pass?
What is the CONROO Gate Pass?
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What is the CONROO Gate Pass?

The Gate Pass, a function within our CONROO app, is a cutting-edge solution developed by CONROO, which replaces traditional plastic cards with a digital card accessible on common mobile devices. This innovative approach streamlines the entire trucking process, from registration and verification to route planning and on-site orientation. Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork; the CONROO Gate Pass transforms access authorization into a secure, digital experience which is in line with ISPS requirements.

Supported Terminals

The CONROO app is accepted in Hamburg at REMAIN and DUSS / Billwerder, as well as at many other locations in Germany and Switzerland.

These terminals are vital hubs where a large number of trucks deliver or collect containers on a daily basis. Starting from early 2024, the Gate Pass will be gradually introduced across all German terminal locations of the EUROGATE Group, marking a significant shift toward enhanced efficiency and security.

The Gate Pass, can currently be used at EUROGATE CTH Hamburg, EUROKOMBI. The seaports, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven will follow later this year. Other ISPS terminals are not covered by the Gate Pass yet, however we are currently rapidly rolling out our solution, new locations are being added constantly.

How can you use it?

Using the CONROO Gate Pass is straightforward. Download the app onto your mobile device, complete the registration process, and enjoy the benefits of a fully digitalized authentication system. The app covers every step of your journey, providing route planning assistance and on-site orientation. No more paperwork, no more delays – the CONROO Gate Pass ensures a safer, faster, and easier experience for truckers navigating EUROGATE container terminals.

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